Beach Attack F.A.Q.

1.) Where does Beach Attack train?

Unless otherwise specified, Beach Attack will train out of Shaughnessy Park (just off the Oak St. Bridge) in Vancouver. A map can be found here.

2.) How does training work?

Beach volleyball has slightly different rules as well as different strategies to the game. The first part of the training will be focused on individual skills (ie. movement, ball control, hitting, etc.). The second part of the training will be focused creating strategies that will be unique to you and your partner.

3.) Do I need a partner for Beach Attack?

For the group training portion, you do not need a partner as we will be focused on individual skills. For the team training portion, you will need a partner as the focus will be creating a unique strategy that maximizes your team’s strengths and minimizes your team’s weaknesses.

4.) Where do I register for Beach Attack?

Please look in the Boys/Girls section under the ‘Beach’ category for registration information.


General Beach Volleyball F.A.Q.

1.) When are the tournaments?

A full list of tournaments can be found here.

2.) How do I sign up for beach tournaments?

You and your partner decide which tournaments you would like to attend.

Once you have decided, go to the Volleyball BC  website.
Click the ‘Register’ button on the top right side of the page.
Log in or create a new account.
Scroll down until you have found your event.
Input your name, contact info, and your partner’s name.
Register and pay for the event.

Only one person has to register for the team.

3.) Do I have to play with the same partner throughout the season?

No. You can switch partners during the season. The only exception is that partners must be the same for Provincial Championships and National Championships.