13U Boys Program Info

13U Boys Program Info


Our goal for the 13U Boys program is to provide an introduction to the game of volleyball for all athletes who are interested, while ensuring that athletes of differing skill levels are provided adequate training.

There are no cuts based on skill for our 13U Boys program but the program will be limited to 30 participants. Athletes are required to attend the train and play sessions prior to registering for the season. The purpose of the train and play sessions is to give athletes an opportunity to experience club volleyball but to also ensure that athletes are suited for a club volleyball environment. Upon completion of the train and play sessions, athletes who are interested in continuing the season and able to work in a club volleyball setting will be offered a spot in the program.

Athletes can register for the train and play sessions here.


As we do not make cuts, there is usually a wide range of athletes. Some have played before and have lots of experience, others may be brand new and so the season will be dependent on the experience level of the athletes. We may split the athletes into two streams; this will be up to the discretion of the coaches.

The introduction stream will be focused on athletes who are newer to the sport, ensuring that the fundamentals are taught properly to prepare athletes for competition in the future. There is less commitment expectation and competition will happen later on in the year and will be chosen to ensure that it is of the appropriate level.

If there are enough athletes who have prior experience playing volleyball, a good grasp of the fundamentals, or who are ready for the next level; we will be run a competition stream. The competition stream will require more commitment and the players may be invited to practice and train in conjunction with our 14U teams. Tournaments and competition will occur earlier in the season as well.

Regardless of the experience, we want to ensure that all athletes are enjoying the sport, learning the fundamentals, and training with similarly skilled athletes.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Wong (daniel@airattack.ca).